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9 Incredible Ways to Use Arborvitae Essential Oil

Native to the Pacific Northwest of North America, Arborvitae is a majestic evergreen coniferous tree that is valued for its many unique benefits. Arborvitae has natural preserving properties that keep wood from rotting. Literally meaning the “Tree of Life,” Arborvitae is the tree (and oil) that keeps on giving. Because of the preservative properties of the Arborvitae oil, even trees that have fallen hundreds of years ago still look as if they had fallen only yesterday.

Each Giant Arborvitae tree is cherished as homes and canoes are built from it’s wood, baskets are made from the roots, and clothing, rope, and twine are made from the bark, and the boughs brush away illness and sadness.

arborvitae essential oil

Arborvitae not only protects wood, but its organic elements also safeguard individuals against environmental and seasonal threats as an effective cleanser. The essential oil produced from Arborvitae trees is ideal for using aromatically and topically for cleansing and purifying.



  1. Bug Repellent - Do you love the great outdoors, but dislike being pestered by bugs? You’re not alone. Bugs can turn an outdoor adventure into an uncomfortable situation. Make sure to avoid any discomfort bugs may bring and pack Arborvitae essential oil for your next outing. Arborvitae oil is great for hiking and camping due to its chemical components—tropolones. Tropolones have chemical properties that act as a natural insect repellant. For an enjoyable hiking or outdoor experience, apply Arborvitae essential oil to your wrists and ankles. Another way to repel unwanted creepy crawlies is by placing a few drops of Arborvitae essential oil into a diffuser and letting the warm aroma fill your home. Now sit back and relax, knowing that the little critters are doing their best to leave your house in peace.
  2. Wood Polish - Bring back the shine to your favorite tables, countertops, floors, and more with this simple recipe for homemade wood polish with arborvitae essential oil. Mix 5 drops arborvitae with 1 tbsp olive oil.arborvitae essential oil wood polish
  3. Promotes Peace - Diffuse during prayer or meditation to promote feelings of peace and calm.
  4. Environmental & Seasonal Threats - Diffuse, apply to pulse points or add a few drops to bath water to boost immune. 
  5. Into the Woods - Nature enthusiast’s go crazy about this oil and it’s not hard to tell why… it smells amazing, it’s sourced ethically, and it’s benefits are simply outstanding! If you want to bring the outdoors into your home without letting in creepy crawlies, add these oils to your diffuser, close your eyes, and imagine your favorite outdoor spot! Try this diffuser blend.arborvitae essential oil
  6. Mix in Mulch - preserve the wood and repel the bugs by add a few drop to a spray bottle of water and spraying your mulch.
  7. DIY Cologne - Create your own musky outdoor cologne with Arborvitae essential oil. Arborvitae oil’s aroma is woody and warm and when combined with Cedarwood and Frankincense, provides an invigorating aroma, perfect for a fresh cologne scent. Using these oils together will create a great cologne for any occasion and will also produce a fragrance that uplifts and relaxes the senses.
  8. Back to School roller - When the kiddos go back to school apply this blend on the back of their necks to keep them resilient throughout the day. This blend offers the perfect support for immune systems, especially when the weather is turning cold.
    2 drops Arborvitae oil
    2 drops doTERRA On Guard
    2 drops Frankincense oil
    Fractionated Coconut Oil 
    1. Add essential oils to a 10 mL roller bottle and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
    2. Use as needed on bottom of feet or back of neck.
  9. Clean the AirTurn Arborvitae oil into a household spray with this easy do-it-yourself. Add a few drops of Arborvitae essential oil into a spray bottle and add water. Use this spray on surfaces or on hands. Arborvitae oil is a powerful cleansing and purifying agent.  

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