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7 Ways to Enhance Libido

7 Ways to Enhance Libido
Having ups and downs in your libido is only human. It’s simply not realistic to always be “on” even when you’re in the presence of a loved one. Usually, the root cause of a lull in the bedroom is stress!

11 Best Copaiba Oil Benefits

copaiba oil benefits
Copaiba essential oil supports the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, nervous, and immune system.  Check out 11 best copaiba oil benefits!

9 Incredible Ways to Use Arborvitae Essential Oil

arborvitae essential oil
Literally meaning the “Tree of Life,” Arborvitae is the tree (and oil) that keeps on giving. Because of the preservative properties of the Arborvitae oil, even trees that have fallen hundreds of years ago still look as if they had fallen only yesterday.

11 Best Essential Oil Recipes for Kids

essential oil recipes for kids
Let me ask you a few questions: What if you could be empowered to help your child with life’s little emergencies? What if you could learn simple ways to improve your child's health? What if you could change the next generation to see healthcare differently?

Become a Super Mama

become a super mama

Are you ready to become a super Mom or Dad?  Do you want a healthier and happier family?  Do you want to teach your children how to become self reliant?  Join our super natural remedy webinars!! 

Best Way to Get Started with Essential Oils

best way to get started with essential oils
The best way to get started with essential oils is with the most popular oils. The top 3 essential oils used world wide are lemon, lavender and peppermint. Why? Because they have hundreds of uses, literally! Below, I've listed the most used oils and a few of the popular ways to get started with them.

How to Detangle Hair Naturally

how to detangle hair naturally
4 tips on how to detangle hair naturally.

Essential Oils of the Bible

essential oils of the bible
Do you think essential oils are something new?  No, they aren’t. They are being revived thru scientific studies and the fact that people are tired ...

Sleep Better Naturally with Essential Oils

sleep better with essential oils
Liquid Heaven recipe: 20 drops each of doTERRA Balance 20 drops Vetiver essential oil 10 doTERRA Serenity essential oil Top 10ml roller bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil Apply to the bottom of feet or back of neck. Sleep allows the body to recover from the day.