Become a Wholesale Member

Becoming a doTERRA wholesale member provides the best savings and the steepest discount and very similar to a Sam’s or Costco membership! When you purchase a wholesale membership, you will now get wholesale prices (25% off) on all your future purchases.

Step 1:  Choose a wholesale starter kit.  

Step 2:   ORDER KIT HERE.  Leave me as the referral, Tracy Robinson, Referral ID# 360413, so I can lead you on your oily journey.  

Step 3: Contact me when your order arrives and I will get you plugged into my support system.  You'll also receive my welcome gifts!  Email: 


Why purchase a kit?

  • Enjoy 25% off retail for 1 year – no further obligation
  • The kit is below wholesale pricing
  • Gives you a variety to start making your own recipes
  • Access to our private training group



Do I have to purchase a monthly minimum? Absolutely not! You can purchase whenever you would like with no monthly minimum requirement. There is an OPTIONAL rewards program that most of our customers enjoy and very similar to a frequent flyer program.

Do I have to sell the oils? No way! There is no requirement to sell. Just enjoy your essential oil wholesale purchases! If you do choose to sell the oils at some point, I can help you with that.

How do I re-order? You will receive your own personal shopping portal after you purchase your starter kit and you, simply, log into your shopping portal and place your next order anytime you want, 24/7!